Kind Mind is the culmination of years of expertise, compassion, and a drive to make a meaningful difference for people.

We don’t just believe in better well-being — we create it, one individual, one team, one organisation at a time.

Proudly supporting over 500 people


Our world’s workforce is increasingly tired, stressed & overwhelmed.

And for the half of businesses that do support their employees, the real crux of the problem is that their well-being solutions are broken. Traditional solutions are failing to appreciate individual needs, kicking in only at times of crisis and lack the ability to evidence impact.


So it’s time we made wellness culture at work the default, not the exception.

At the heart of every successful organisation is the well-being of its people. Our mission is to nurture this heartbeat, fostering an environment where well-being is not just a checkbox, but a cornerstone of corporate culture.


Here’s the path we’ve been on so far.

Tracing our roots from a ground breaking idea to a growing holistic health platform. We’ve transformed workplace wellness, one step at a time, driven by our commitment to holistic employee well-being.


Experts in business, health & high-performance.

Peter and Josh united their journey’s in business through a mutual desire to impact the health and happiness of others. With a shared passion for creating meaningful, long-lasting change and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those with mental health issues, they launched Kind Mind in August 2021. Their mission being to democratise access to impactful information and make wellness culture and work the default, not the exception.

Peter Jones


A seasoned entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in starting and growing successful businesses. He has a global perspective and a proven record in leading teams, executing business plans, and managing change.

Josh Wardle


A Strength & Conditioning coach with expertise in holistic health programs for both professional athletes and executives. Josh supports Kind Mind through content creation, product development and behaviour change management.

Employees who feel supported by their organisation are 81% less likely to seek out a new employer in the next year.