Understand, connect, and lead your people’s well-being more effectively.

Every decision you make shapes the course of your organisation. With our platform, you’ll be equipped with profound insights that not only guide your choices but also open the doors to deeper, more constructive conversations with your team.

Intentional workplace wellbeing.

More than just a tool, we offer a comprehensive strategy to reimagine the health landscape of your organisation and it’s people.

  • Enhance Employee Engagement: By understanding and addressing employee well-being in real-time, employers can foster a more engaged, motivated, and satisfied workforce.

  • Attract and Retain Talent: Differentiate from your competitors, become a more attractive employment proposition and reduce staff attrition.

  • Improve Your Bottom Line: Provide informed solutions that generate maximum impact on employee health and happiness. Saving you on your chunk of the £56bn UK Businesses incur through employee ill-health annually.

Wait – there’s more.

We transform businesses into forefront leaders in workplace wellbeing. By leveraging our data-driven solutions,
you ensure your business is at the cutting edge of employee health and wellness whilst empowering
your team to actively achieve greater mental and physical well-being.

Real-Time Data

Gain immediate insights with up-to-the-minute wellbeing data, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your employees’ wellness.

Wellbeing Benchmarks

Compare your team’s wellbeing scores with industry standards, giving context to your data and helping set informed targets.

Instant Messaging

Foster open communication. Directly connect with your team, ensuring their voices are heard and concerns are addressed

Instant Polling

Gauge team sentiments in real-time. Quickly set up polls to gather feedback, making informed decisions faster

Community Pages

Build a sense of belonging. Create spaces for employees to connect, share, and foster a strong workplace community

Strategy Support

Identify departments with wellbeing challenges and deploy expert-curated, crowdsourced interventions for a positive impact.

Clearing up your questions.

Your go-to spot for quick answers about our holistic wellbeing solution.

Beyond just providing data, we pinpoint the specific wellbeing challenges in departments and recommend solutions, curated from experts in HR, Wellness and Research, that you can deploy to address them effectively

Data privacy is our top priority. All information is stored on secure servers and in adherence to GDPR and other global data protection regulations. The employee data we provide is completely anonymised and delivered on an aggregated level.

Our messaging system is built with privacy in mind. Conversations are confidential, and employees have the control to share as much or as little as they’re comfortable with.

Whilst Kind Mind doesn’t currently integrate with popular digital HR systems, our serviced is designed with integration in mind for the future. Currently, our services works best when in harmony with your on-site HR practices and we advocate for utilisation that complements rather than overhauls the good work you already do with your people.

We gather data from a both academic papers and a wide range of industries and use it to establish benchmarks, ensuring they’re relevant and actionable for businesses of all sizes.

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team can fully leverage the platform’s features for maximum benefit.


Provide the tools that build the skills to enhance daily life, improve productivity and allow people to feel better faster.