Equip your people with the tools they need to feel better, faster.

With our Personal Wellbeing Hub, deliver tools and resources tailored for each individuals unique path. Dive deep into holistic well-being practices, foster self-awareness, and embrace a life of balance and growth.

Wellbeing, Redefined.

Deliver a platform that appreciates individuality while fostering a sense of community.

  • Added Autonomy: Equip your people with the tools they need to feel better. Anywhere, anytime.

  • Personalised Experiences: Deliver content and resources curated around individual preferences, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.

  • Progressive Tracking: Provide your workforce the means to seamlessly track their wellbeing journey, helping them understand and celebrate their growth.

But that’s not all.

Meet our suite of tools, each developed to make the wellbeing journey of your people smoother and more intuitive.

Tailored Content

Enables your employees to access content aligned with their preferences, boosting engagement and efficacy.

Emotion-Led Insights

Transform feelings into tangible insights and allow employees to understand patterns and areas of focus.

Whole-Person Wellness

Grant access to a wide array of holistic self-care tools that address every facet of individual wellbeing.

Speak, Worry-Free

Ensure your workforce can share candid feedback, confident in its anonymity.

Together in Wellbeing

Encourage employees to connect, share experiences, and bolster a culture of mutual support.

Their Journey, Visualised

Offer your workforce the tools to visualise their wellbeing journey, helping them to celebrate progress and identify areas for growth.

Your Queries, Addressed.

Dive into some of the commonly asked questions about our personal wellbeing platform.

Based on your engagement with our periodic questions, Kind Mind provides tailored content, feelings-based insights and access to therapy booking. Ensuring you have the right tool at the right time to feel better.

Privacy is paramount. All personal data on Kind Mind is safeguarded with robust security protocols and GDPR compliant. When sharing wellbeing data with leadership to better support their decision making, we anonymise and aggregate our findings to ensure privacy is protected.

Kind Mind offers a range of content from follow along exercise sessions to recipes, cooking videos, self-development videos and infographics. Our library is ever growing and is designed to support and enhance your holistic health.

Yes, our Community Pages feature allows individuals to connect, share, and engage with their colleagues in an intuitive feed fashion. We also enable direct messaging between an individual and they companies elected leader managing the platform to facilitate more private wellbeing related conversation.

When you first onboard with Kind Mind, you’ll complete an initial survey, giving us a baseline of your well-being across multiple markers. As you use the app regularly, periodic check-in surveys allow us to monitor any shifts or changes in your well-being. This process not only helps track your journey but ensures timely support when needed, and celebrates your progress, accompanying you every step of your personal well-being journey.

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