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We’ve all experienced chaotic times in the past couple of years. What’s been interesting, on a business front, is that the uncertainty and challenges have become vehicles of change. We have seen it all, from; pandemic distancing issues to supply challenges, and changes in company culture.

Those companies that made a success of these testing times adapted to use technology in their day-to-day operations. The benefits of which have been lasting.

At the forefront of change are our people. Our workforce is driving new expectations when it comes to how and where they work. Employers are beginning to see how technology benefits both their employees and the overall business.

This digital acceleration has made it easier for businesses to stay connected and foster a culture of collaboration. Organisations welcome technology that helps leaders improve employee experience and company culture. From improved communication and collaboration tools to automation, the possibilities are endless. 

In this article, we take a closer look at how technology can be used to enhance the employee experience and strengthen your company culture.


Employee experience vs company culture: is there a difference?

When it comes to managing the employee experience and company culture, it’s easy to think of them as two separate concepts. However, the reality is that they are intertwined and have a major influence on one another.

Employee experience is the full cycle of people, places, things, and situations that an employee encounters with you. It’s even in the way you say goodbye. 

Employee experience is not just the journey, it is also about how employees feel about their encounters.

Company culture is about how you do what you do, and how your systems create the experience your employees and customers are exposed to. It’s also the long-term goals and values that guide organisational behaviour.

Both employee experience and company culture are essential to creating a successful, sustainable organisation.

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How technology is improving the employee experience

Technology has made it easier than ever for leaders to improve the employee experience. By leveraging technology, leaders can create a more inclusive workplace, and foster an environment of collaboration and empathy.

Employee experience is made up of many things. It’s about the physical environment as much as it is about the technology and overall work culture.

A strong collaboration between IT and HR is a must. Together they can collaborate and develop strategies to create experiences that generate lasting benefits. By doing so, organisations can ensure that employees are given the best experience, contributing to their overall satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.

Some of the ways technology contributes to a positive employee experience are:



Technology can also be used to foster collaboration, which is an essential part of any successful company culture. By leveraging tools such as video conferencing and project management tools teams can stay connected and collaborate more efficiently. This can improve communication, which is key to successful problem-solving and innovation.

A workforce that collaborates is a good thing. Companies with high engagement see better productivity and higher profits, 21% higher than organisations with poor morale. 

Feeling Connected

Technology provides an unprecedented level of connectedness for employees throughout the entire work environment. Connectivity grants today’s workforce increased flexibility, visibility, and reactivity.

Employees have all the tools they need to execute their tasks efficiently at their fingertips, while organisations can maintain the visibility of a centralised operation by using a single database for all HR tools. This increased connectedness also allows an organisation to be more reactive and agile in today’s rapidly changing corporate environment.

Employees are getting their jobs done and feeling connected thanks to technology. They enjoy the employee experience a hybrid or remote position offers them. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, 73% of employees say they need a better reason to go in than just company expectations



Boosting productivity in the workplace can be made easier with the right technology and tools.

Automated workflows and connected solutions can help businesses create a seamless onboarding process for new employees. It can help streamline tasks and make the entire process feel unified and efficient.

Leveraging the right technology can make the daily grind of work much easier and more productive.


Job Satisfaction

Finally, technology can be used to create a more inclusive workplace. By leveraging things such as productivity and wellness apps organisations can better understand the needs of their diverse workforce. 


How technology is improving company culture

Technology is becoming an integral part of modern-day business and the products we choose are transforming the way we work. In doing so they also change the way we interact with each other, which directly impacts our company culture.

For starters, technology helps to create a more connected workplace. For hybrid or remote staff, working from home, technology has been the missing puzzle piece that has helped contribute to their mental well-being. In fact, most staff prefer this way of working so much that 1 of 3 employees would quit if the option of working from home was taken away

Technology also helps to foster collaboration. With the introduction of cloud computing, businesses can now easily share data, documents, and other resources with employees in real-time. This allows for more efficient and collaborative workflows that can help to boost productivity and creativity.

Moreover, technology can help to improve communication. By introducing tools like Slack, businesses can facilitate quicker and more efficient communication between employees.

Technology can also help to improve employee engagement. Social networks and interactive tools can create an environment where employees share ideas, feedback and collaborate seamlessly. This creates a positive, engaging and productive workplace culture.


What Kind Mind is doing to elevate the employee experience and influence company culture

At Kind Mind, we are committed to elevating the employee experience and influencing company culture, through a focus on well-being. We provide a powerful platform where employers can monitor the actions that influence culture and experiences. This gives you the opportunity to make informed adjustments that impactful your approach to supporting employees.

Technology is an essential tool for improving the employee experience and company culture. By leveraging the right tools and platforms, leaders can create an inclusive workplace where employees feel valued and engaged. At Kind Mind, we are committed to helping organisations create a workplace where employees thrive in a healthy way.

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