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The United Kingdom currently has the 12th highest job satisfaction rating in the world at 74%. However, 63% of employees still report actively searching for new jobs. Employee experience may be your answer, but how can technology help you gain more ground quickly?

Employee experience is one of the most critical factors that impact job satisfaction.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the importance of creating a positive employee experience and how technology can help you increase the likelihood of it happening.


How employee experience management affects business outcomes

When businesses take employee experience seriously — and commit to improving it — they can experience numerous benefits.

The following are some of the most meaningful ways that employee experience management affects business outcomes:


1. Easier recruiting

An astonishing 88% of UK employers (Source: Willis Towers Watson study 2021) say a positive employee experience is a crucial driver in attracting top-tier talent. 

If your company is known for providing its employees with a supportive and uplifting work environment, you’ll have an easier time filling vacancies and attracting skilled employees. 


2. Increased employee retention

The same study says that UK employers have seen a link between positive employee experience and increased employee retention.

It’s easy to see how employees would be more likely to be loyal to their employer if they feel their employer cares about helping them have a good experience at work.


3. Improved collaboration and creativity

When employers take time to research and invest in strategies that improve the employee experience, they’ll likely find that their employees have an easier time collaborating and coming up with new ideas.

If employees are satisfied with their jobs and have better attitudes at work, they’ll be more willing to work with their colleagues to develop innovative solutions and produce better results. 


4. Increased employee engagement and productivity

Research shows that improving the employee experience can increase productivity by 12%. When you take care of your employees and prioritise their well-being, they’ll respond with increased engagement, resulting in more accurate work in a shorter time frame.


5. Improved employee health and wellness

If your employees have a positive experience at work, they may be more resilient to the harmful impacts of stress. Chronic stress can hurt your overall health and well-being in many ways, from increased headaches and back pain to poor sleep and a diminished immune system.

All of these issues can interfere with productivity and employee engagement. If you can reduce their likelihood by prioritising employee health and happiness from the start, your business will be better off in the long run.

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How technology helps manage and improve the employee experience

Clearly, it pays (sometimes literally) to invest in improving the employee experience in your organisation. The right technology can help you get to know your employees better and make informed decisions about how to provide a better experience.

Here are some specific ways that technology can build a better employee experience:


1. Technology gives us easier connection and collaboration

Technology helps employees and employers stay connected, whether they work in the office, at home, or in a hybrid environment. Better connections can result in more collaboration and foster stronger relationships between employees and employers, improving company culture.


2. Technology Improves progress monitoring

The right tools also keep everyone in the loop regarding their progress on various projects. This increased transparency also increases productivity and prevents misunderstandings.

Consistent progress monitoring benefits employers and employees.

For employers, it helps them stay informed about what their employees are working on and whether they’re on track with a project’s timeline. It also creates accountability for employees and helps them stay motivated. 


3. Increased productivity

Motivated employees are productive employees. If you want to help your employees get more done, invest in technology that enables them to stay connected and prioritise their well-being.

If they have access to tools that let them check in with you and their colleagues often, they’ll be able to address issues collaboratively and solve problems faster.


4. Technology makes feedback sharing easier

Technology helps your employees share feedback with you. The right tools provide a safe place for them to let you know what’s working and what’s not.

When you create a culture in which feedback sharing is encouraged — and when you act on the feedback you receive regularly — you improve the employee experience and let employees know that you value their input.


5. Improved data analysis

Many apps and software solutions are designed to help you collect valuable data and analyse it to make informed decisions.

Let’s say you distribute an employee well-being survey to establish stress levels and you find that a significant number of your workforce are struggling with high-stress levels. You can take that information and use it to develop a plan to reduce stress office-wide.


6. Technology gives employees easier access to resources

Many tools designed to enhance the employee experience provide a resource library for employers and employees. This library might include lists of practical tips, articles explaining the value of specific practices, or instructional videos.

These resources empower your employees to take care of themselves and take steps to improve their own experiences.


7. Personalised recommendations

The right technology will also make personalised recommendations based on the data users provide.

Suppose your employees regularly input data indicating they’re stressed at work. Some tools will automatically offer recommendations for stress-reducing activities that can help them feel calmer, get focused, and have a more positive job experience.


How Kind Mind helps build better employee experience understanding

The Kind Mind app is a digital wellness solution designed to improve the employee experience through providing individuals in your organisation with personalised, on-demand, wellness support. 

The app also provides employers with detailed feedback on staff wellness and engagement, as well as customisable interaction tools to help you collect feedback and connect with employees in a meaningful way before making final decisions.

Are you interested in trying the Kind Mind app at your company? Contact us today to get started.

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