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Empower your employees’ wellbeing and fuel informed decisions with our data-driven wellness platform.

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Why partner with us?

We transform businesses into forefront leaders in workplace wellbeing. By leveraging our data-driven solutions, you ensure your business is at the cutting edge of employee health and wellness whilst empowering your team to actively achieve greater mental and physical well-being.

Data-Driven Insights

Every piece of data we gather has undergone rigorous validation in either the clinical or academic setting. Equipping you with the best picture and supporting you to make the best decision.

User-Centric Design

Our platform is designed to be intuitive, tailored to each user, and accessible across devices. Allowing you to experience the new era of wellbeing tools designed for the digital age.

High Performance Expertise

Driven by a team with a deep understanding of high-performance practices in both business and sports, we ensure your people have the support they need to be at their peak.

Full-Spectrum Focus

Our holistic approach blends prevention and intervention, empowering organisations to address complex wellbeing challenges and ensure both individual and collective health thrives.

The Intelligent Approach to Wellbeing

At the heart of our platform lies a trifold approach designed to enhance the health and happiness of every individual. Dive into customised experiences tailored to personal preferences, arm your team with preventive tools driven by real-time insights, and empower leaders to take proactive measures, ensuring a thriving, harmonious workspace.


Preference Based Content
Enjoy tailored wellness resources uniquely designed around individual preferences, ensuring content relevance and enhancing employee engagement.


Feeling Based Insights
Gain deep insights into how employees feel, offering them customized advice and support, fostering a culture of attuned mental health assistance.


Therapist Access
Connect with accredited therapists who understand individual needs, ensuring employees always have the support they require.


Self-Care Content
Explore an extensive library filled with actionable self-care strategies, empowering employees to take charge of their mental wellbeing proactively.


Real-time Data
Harness the power of real-time health and wellbeing metrics, allowing HR professionals to identify and act on trends promptly.


Wellness Benchmarking
Compare and assess your organisation’s wellness against industry standards, setting clear benchmarks for continuous improvement.


Friendly Nudges
Deliver regular, gentle reminders that inspire action, ensuring employees stay on track with their wellbeing journey.


Pulse Surveys
Gain timely insights with quick surveys, allowing for swift interventions and understanding employee sentiments in the moment.


Instant Messaging
Enable leaders to effortlessly reach out to employees, fostering transparent communication and cultivating a nurturing workspace.

From Stress to Success

How Bay Productions Mastered Workplace Wellbeing

See how our partnership with Bay Productions revolutionised how they approached well-being in the workplace, leading to tangible improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity.

By utilising our data to understand what to provide their people. Bay Productions saw a notable 25% increase in active participation for on-site wellbeing activations.

By integrating our proactive measures, Bay Productions decreased sick leave by 15% amongst their workshop staff.

Our holistic approach to mental and physical well-being resonated with the team, reflecting in heightened team cohesion and collaboration.

“Since partnering with Kind Mind, the return on investment has been clear. Beyond the undeniable boost in team morale and health, we’ve seen substantial cost savings from reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. It’s evident that prioritising workplace well-being isn’t just good for our people, it’s great for our bottom line.”

– Gareth B.

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience with Kind Mind.

Kind Mind has been a game-changer for our organisation. Not only have we seen a significant boost in our employees’ well-being, but the real-time data and insights have empowered our leadership to make strategic decisions with confidence. Highly recommended for any business looking to prioritise employee wellness!

— Amelia R.

HR Director

I was sceptical at first, wondering how much difference a platform could make. But Kind Mind proved me wrong. The personalised content and pulse surveying features have fostered open communication lines within our teams. Our employees feel heard, and as a leader, I feel more connected to their needs and well-being than ever before.

— Oliver T.

Chief Executive Officer

Kind Mind has been a game-changer. It’s perfectly boosted our onsite wellbeing efforts with real-time data insights. The blend of our hands-on programmes and Kind Mind’s features, especially the Explore Pages, really drives home a culture of learning. A fantastic tool for our team’s wellbeing journey!

— Jasmine K.

Wellbeing Lead

Transparent pricing, tangible benefits

Investing in the wellness of your workforce is invaluable. Here’s a snapshot of our straightforward pricing designed for businesses of all scales.

Small But Mighty

£100 / month

  • 0-50 employees

Leading a smaller team comes with unique challenges. As every individual plays a critical role, their wellbeing directly impacts the pulse of your business. Empower your team’s health and happiness with Kind Mind and watch your business flourish.

Scaling Together

£2.20 / user / month

  • 51-250 employees

As your company grows, so does the challenge of maintaining wellbeing. Kind Mind streamlines wellbeing for medium-sized businesses, ensuring every member thrives. Boost your growth on a solid foundation where your expanding team stays balanced and flourishing.

Powering Enterprise

Let’s talk

  • 251+ employees

In a vast organisation with diverse roles and personalities, holistic wellbeing is an art. Kind Mind’s tailored solutions and dedicated support allows you to champion wellbeing across your enterprise. Meaning every individual, in every role, will feel valued and supported.

For detailed plans, visit our pricing page.

Clearing up your questions.

Your go-to spot for quick answers about our holistic wellbeing solution.

Kind Mind offers a unique blend of data-driven insights validated in clinical settings, a user-centric design that’s tailored for each individual, and the expertise of high-performance coaches. Our solutions empower both leaders and individuals to act proactively on their health and happiness the self-care, intervention and decision making advice.

Absolutely. All data collected is anonymised when presented and treated with the utmost confidentiality. We adhere strictly to GDPR regulations, ensuring your data’s privacy and security at all times.

Whilst Kind Mind doesn’t currently integrate with popular digital HR systems, our serviced is designed with integration in mind for the future. Currently, our services works best when in harmony with your on-site HR practices and we advocate for utilisation that complements rather than overhauls the good work you already do with your people.

Onboarding and engaging in Kind Mind is simple. Once you have confirmed with our team the package you desire, a customised link will be distributed to your staff and elected members for access to their respective platforms. Platforms can be accessed in app-stores and via the web meaning they are compatible with any device. Our individual platform is best when used on your phone whilst our administrative platform is best used on a PC, laptop or tablet.

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