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Online mental health therapy tailored to your people’s needs.

Link your people with specialised therapists for impactful care and benefit from flexibility in payment: your business can cover what’s used, or individuals can pay directly.

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Redefining online therapy for the modern individual.

Experience a platform where qualified therapists meet intuitive tech, creating a seamless journey to improved well-being.

Why partner with us?

Choosing to partner with us means prioritising the mental well-being of your team. We offer a unique blend of accessibility, personalisation, and efficiency, ensuring that every individual receives the support they truly need.

Flexible Pricing

Eliminate budgetary guesswork with our unique pay-as-you-go model. You invest only in actual sessions, ensuring cost-effective mental health support without overestimating usage.

Highly Engaging

Boost employee confidence with our anonymous, stigma-free platform. Our tailored reminders and user-centric cancellation policies ensure continuous and hassle-free engagement.

Personalised Matching

Experience the difference of our advanced algorithm that pairs individuals with therapists best suited to their needs, ensuring more impactful and resonant sessions.

Anytime Access

Empower your employees with immediate access to therapy without tedious triage delays. We prioritize their wellbeing, matching them promptly based on real-time availability.

How it works

We’ve simplified the journey to mental well-being. Log in, match, and talk — it’s as effortless as it sounds, ensuring you’re always a few clicks away from expert care.


Easy Onboard
Depending on how you partner with us, either sign up via your unique company link we send you or directly via Kind Mind’s platform.


Seamless Log In
Easily log in through our web app on your phone, tablet, or PC for a tailored therapy experience.


Personalised Triage
Answer just 4 questions, helping us understand your needs and ensuring you’re matched with therapists best suited to support you.


Explore Accredited Therapists
Explore our comprehensive directory of accredited therapists, each one handpicked to cater to diverse mental health requirements.


Effortless Booking
View profiles, check availability, and request a session at a time that suits you. With flexible payment options – whether sponsored by an employer or paid for by the user.


Secure Checkout
Experience a hassle-free and secure checkout process with Stripe, ensuring your details remain confidential.


Instant Confirmations
Once your session is finalised, receive timely confirmations via app and email, keeping you informed every step of the way.


Timely Reminders
Stay on top of your scheduled sessions with email reminders sent 1 day, 1 hour, and 15 minutes prior to your appointment.


Direct Video Access
No more fumbling with links. 15 minutes before your session, simply log into our app to access your video call and begin your journey to mental well-being.

The transformative power of personalised therapy

How Bay Productions mastered workplace wellbeing

See how our partnership with Bay Productions revolutionised how they approached well-being in the workplace, leading to tangible improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity.

By adopting our pay-as-you-go model, Bay Productions now only pays for sessions that are actually utilised. This ensured that their budget for mental health support was used efficiently and effectively, in contrast to the previously assumed usage model of their EAP which often didn’t align with actual usage.

Unlike the triaging process of typical EAP’s, which sometimes delay necessary therapeutic interventions, Kind Mind enabled Bay Production’s employees to get immediate support. By matching them with therapists based on availability, the barrier to receiving timely assistance was greatly reduced whilst service utilisation increased.

By successfully facilitating mental health support to their employees through Kind Mind, Bay Productions saw a noticeable increase in overall employee performance, satisfaction and productivity.

“Since partnering with Kind Mind, the return on investment has been clear. Beyond the undeniable boost in team morale and health, we’ve seen substantial cost savings from reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. It’s evident that prioritising workplace well-being isn’t just good for our people, it’s great for our bottom line.”

– Gareth B.

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover what users of our personalised mental health therapy platform have to say about their experience.

Using Kind Mind has been a transformative experience. I was sceptical about online therapy at first, but the personalised matching led me to a therapist who truly understands my needs. It’s been a game-changer for my mental health.

— Eleanor S.

Marketing Executive

I’ve tried traditional EAP counselling, but Kind Mind offers a level of flexibility and understanding that’s unparalleled. The anytime access feature means I can get support whenever I truly need it, making a world of difference in my daily life.

— Jason K.

Software Engineer

Being able to seek help anonymously on Kind Mind gave me the confidence to finally address my challenges. The platform is easy to use, and I’ve felt genuinely supported every step of the way.

— Daniel L.

Retail Assistant Manager

Clearing up your questions.

Navigating the world of therapy can be daunting. We’re here to clarify any uncertainties you may have.

Every therapist on the Kind Mind platform undergoes a thorough verification process, ensuring they hold relevant qualifications and accreditations from recognised institution such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. We’re committed to connecting you with trusted, professional counsellors.

Changing your counsellor is simple. If you feel a different therapist might better suit your needs, you can easily browse and select another accredited professional from our platform, ensuring the best fit for your well-being journey.

The free introduction call is a preliminary session, giving you an opportunity to understand your therapist’s approach and ensure compatibility. It’s a no-obligation call, designed to build comfort and trust before starting regular sessions.

Transparency is key at Kind Mind. Our pay-as-you-go system has no hidden costs. The price you see when booking your session is the only charge, making therapy accessible and straightforward.

Businesses can seamlessly sponsor therapy sessions on the Kind Mind platform by setting a specified budget and quota for their scheme. This entails deciding on a monthly budget and determining a maximum number of sessions per user (lifetime) and/or designating a maximum number of sessions within a defined period. It’s an empowering and scalable way for businesses to invest in their employees’ mental health and well-being.

Kind Mind prioritises user privacy and data security. Our platform employs robust security methods and adheres to strict confidentiality and GDPR guidelines, ensuring your personal information and therapy sessions remain private and protected.

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